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[How to] HTC Desire HD No SIM Card in Phone. (Hard Mode)


Hello after many try’s is how to fix my HTC Desire HD from getting the NO Sim card in phone with many guides and how to’s .. I Decided to disassemble my Desire HD and see what is happening inside.

There is many Videos in YouTube and other websites showing you how to disassemble you Desire HD so I’ll Show you where is the problem I faced and fixed is.


After you pass this point You’ll find your self in a HUGE trouble , Because you didn’t know what to do next, Or where the problem is ..

And because I’m a clever Just kidding  I found this Problem quickly without any hitch.

I’ll show you where is the Problem was :

2011-11-12-016 - Copy   P1010145

Was in the SIM card slot.

P1010157P1010157 - Copy

Any who looks at my nails clogged with grease , the Couse is I was remanufacturing my Brother Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission as Shown Here:

HPIM1140 - Copy This is My next story. Hot smile

The 6 pins connects to the SIM card one or more will be pressed down so its did not contact the SIM car metal. And this happen after inserting the SIM card  in wrong way, SOME TIMES the scotch fix may work because the pin still high enough to contact the SIM card .. and after some time this fix STOP working because the pin pressed down too much which leads to lose the connection between that pin and the SIM card.


The fix is to take A needle and soft press this pins from the bottom of the SIM card adapter .. You’ll find a holes and BECARFUL OF BREAKING THIS PINS WHEN YOU PRESS THEM.


After doing so you need to be sure this PINS are good by looking from the SIM card entrance. If its Good scotch back the Adapter into its place.

Before Assembling you Phone you need to see if it’s work for you. Install the Battery and the Sim Card and start your phone .. PRAY ITS WORKED FOR YOU.

P1010158 Here is ( Limited Service ).

P1010160 Here is With Zain Kuwait Service.

If every thing is OK .. Go ahead an Assemble your Desire HD and Good Luck with your overhauled SIM adapter and remanufactured HTC Desire HD.

AND Don’t forget to Prays for my English Language. Sick smile